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Jigawa Global Connect

Recent World Bank report shows that Internet connectivity can boost economic growth across the developing world when accompanied by good Internet policies. Jigawa being a pioneer ICT state in Nigeria, if we can bring internet access in the rural and underserved communities across Jigawa and its immediate environment to about 30 million people by the year 2020, it means we have increase internet access by 1% to the existing users globally. Furthermore, we have also contributed in achieving digital inclusion in line with the United Nation’s Millennium development Goals (MDG).

It is a known fact that economic growth and broadband access can go hand-in-hand. According to a World Bank study, a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration correlates with a 1.3 percent increase in GDP in developing countries. More than 30 developed and developing countries already have committed to working with the US Department of State on the Global Connect Initiative. Every partner country or stakeholder will contribute what they can, be it infrastructure technology, advice on best regulatory practices, or financial or technical support providing greater Internet access. It is in this view that Jigawa State is embarking on the Jigawa Global Connect automatically becomes a contributor to the Global Connect Initiatives.

Internet Service Provision

This is one area that has remained the major pre-occupation of the company for over a decade now. With partnerships cutting across different parts of the world, Galaxy ITT associates with reputable firms in Europe and America to provide variety of internet connections ranging from C-band, KA, and KU- band solutions at any contention ratio that may be required by clients.

Our team of experienced technicians are well trained to carry out VSAT installations and activate sites within 24 hours. Corporate bodies that are in need of independent connections can subscribe to this service.


E- Learning: Galaxy ITT will provide the platform for higher institutions to conduct academic activities electronically where lecturers communicate with their students outside the class room.

E- Payment Solutions: The Galaxy end-to-end payment solution (named galaxy e2e payment gateway) is an innovative web-based solution developed to facilitate prompt and efficient batch payments..

E-Library: Galaxy ITT provides the application software for the download of eBooks, sometimes referred to as “Internet in a box", can work with or without Internet connectivity. It provides millions of educational resources to institutions that lack adequate internet access.

Web Based Apps

Web Development: Galaxy ITT offers website design services. Our dynamic websites are designed to the very high standard and will reflect the established identity of the corporate bodies..

Web Hosting: The Company also provides space on its highly secured server that will allow individuals and corporate bodies to make their websites accessible on the internet via the World Wide Web (WWW).

Domain Name Registration: Galaxy ITT also manages the reservation of internet domain names. Accreditation has already been obtained for Galaxy ITT to act as registrars of domains for both public and private sectors in Nigeria such as,,, etc.


Database Management Solutions

Galaxy ITT also has the capacity to organize various records of corporate bodies into a data base that supports processes requiring information. Areas where we can efficiently provide this service include Government ePayment Solution, integrated payroll system, personnel records administration and data back-up and Restore..

Dutse Metro Wi-Fi Project

Fiber optics is a major business line in the telecommunications industry. Its high bandwidth capabilities and low attenuation characteristics make it ideal for gigabit transmission and beyond. The use of and demand for optical fiber have grown tremendously. The uses of optical fiber today are quite numerous. With the burst of information traffic due to the Internet, Computer Networks, Multimedia, Voice, Data, and Video, the need for a transmission medium with the bandwidth capabilities for handling such vast amounts of information is paramount. Fiber optics, with its comparatively infinite bandwidth, has proven to be the solution. Today, systems commonly operate at gigabits and beyond.

The growth of fiber optics industry over the past five to ten years has been explosive throughout the world. Analysts expect that this industry will continue to grow at a tremendous rate well into the next decade and beyond.

It is a known fact that economic growth and broadband access can go hand-in-hand. According to a World Bank study, a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration correlates with a 1.3 percent increase in GDP in developing countries .

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Proposed Dutse Metro Fibre Project

With this line of business in mind, and looking at our strength and also looking at the recent policy of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology that each State Government should provide a fibre optic connection within the state in order to support the e-Government programmes. Galaxy ITT can look at the current trend and above mentioned factors and invest in fibre optic connection within Dutse Metropolitan..

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